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Radiology Administration Personnel

Dr. Carolyn Meltzer
Chair of Radiology and Imaging Sciences

Dr. Mark Mullins
Vice Chair for Education

Dr. Admit Saindane
Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs

Dr. Elizabeth Krupinski
Vice Chair for Research

Dr. Richard Duszak
Vice Chair for Health Policy and Practice

Dr. Nabile Safdar
Vice Chair for Imaging Informatics

Healthcare Administration- Technical Operations

Charles Powell
Vice President

Dale Walker
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Michael Barber
Asst. Director – EUOSH &
Executive Park

Jane Vitali
Asst. Director of Imaging Services
Emory University Hospital (EUH)

Chrystal Barnes
Director, Imaging
Emory Johns Creek Hospital

Mike Armstrong
Asst. Director of Imaging Services
Emory Midtown

Karen Cates
Director of Outpatient Services and Radiology
Saint Joseph's Hospital

Greg Pennington
Director for Emory University Hospital Radiology


Emory Clinic/Emory University Administrative Personnel

Vivian Smith
Associate Clinical Administrator

Dan MacFarlane
Director of Decision Support

Deb Smith
Administrator, Academic Affairs

Willie Arnold
Clinical Operations Administrator

Zoni Gazy
Director,Patient Care Practice,Emory Radiology