Emory Radiology Faculty Continue to Lead in SNMMI

Oct. 6, 2017

A prime example of Emory Radiology’s commitment to innovation through leadership is the prominence of Emory Radiology’s faculty in professional associations like the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI).

“Service to the profession is a very important part of our roles as researchers, clinicians, and educators,” says David Schuster, MD, associate professor and director of the Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. “That’s why you see Emory Radiology faculty in leadership roles from Y to Z in SNMMI.”

Dr. Schuster’s own roles in SNMMI this year included vice-chair of the Scientific Program Committee, Clinical Oncology; moderator of the Other Tumors Scientific Session; and poster award judge.

Both deeply and broadly engaged is James Galt, PhD, associate professor and director of Nuclear Medicine Physics. He not only serves in the SNMMI House of Delegates, he also is membership chair of the Southeastern Chapter of the SNMMI Board of Directors, and chair and president of the Computer and Instrumentation Council (CaIC). For this year’s annual meeting, he coordinated the submission of all CME sessions sponsored by the Computer and Instrumentation Council and served as abstract reviewer. He additionally served as organizer, moderator and speaker for SPECT/CT: Clinical Applications and Quantification; moderator for Computer and Instrumentation Council Young Investigator Award (YIA) Symposium and YIA Awards presenter; and organizer, speaker and moderator of Current Status and Future Prospects: PET and SPECT Instrumentation.

Dr. Galt also oversees the Tracy Lynn Faber Award, which was established by Emory Radiology in 2012 to celebrate the contributions and advancement of women in imaging sciences. The honor became an international award program managed by the Computer and Instrumentation Council of the SNMMI in 2016. The award now is given either to an individual who has promoted significantly advancement of women in medical imaging sciences, or to a woman in early- or mid-career who has made one or more significant contributions to medical imaging sciences.

The 2017 award was presented to Sepideh Shokouhi, PhD, assistant professor at Vanderbilt University for contributions to the acquisition, reconstruction, and analysis of SPECT and PET images in preclinical and clinical studies of the brain.

faber award

Pictured from left to right: CaIC President James Galt, PhD, 2017 Faber Award winner Sepideh Shokouhi, PhD, and Nominator Todd Peterson, PhD.

Joining Dr. Schuster and Dr. Galt in service to SNMMI this year include the following:

Mark Goodman, PhD, professor and program director for the Emory Center for Systems Imaging and Director of the Radiopharmaceutical Discovery Lab: moderator for Preclinical Probes for Oncology III.

John Aarsvold, PhD, associate professor: moderator of the INTEGRATED SESSION on Cardiac SPECT; and organizer and moderator for CE43: Basic Science Summary Session Two.

Ephraim Parent, MD, PhD, assistant professor: speaker for Clinical Uses of SPECT/CT Quantitation; and moderator for SS10:  Advanced Brain Tumor Imaging.

David Brandon, MD, associate professor and director of the Nuclear Medicine Residency and Nuclear Medicine Fellowship: speaker for Radionuclide Therapy Basics: Regulatory Nuts & Bolts; panel speaker for Career Path Advice from ABNM-Only Boarded Individuals.

Emory Radiology faculty and trainees also presented thirteen research abstracts, either as oral presentations or posters, at the annual meeting. These included Yoram S. Baum, MD, and Elizabeth Lulaj, MD, both nuclear medicine residents, and diagnostic radiology resident Yonak Shah, MD.

Re(CO)3([18F]FEDA), a New PET Renal Tracer: Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Rats

1st place poster in "Molecular Targeting Probes

Malgorzata Lipowska, Nashwa Jarkas, Ronald J. Voll, Jeffrey Klenc, Mark M. Goodman, Andrew T. Taylor

With Better Constancy of Gamma Cameras, Is There a Need to Count Pre-Injection Syringes?
Yoram S. Baum{1}, James Fitz{1}, Arielle Miller{2}, Andrew T. Taylor{1}, Raghuveer K. Halkar{1}. {1}Emory University Hospital, School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA; {2}Augusta University, Augusta, GA

Unusual Presentations of Melanoma on FDG PET/CT
Elizabeth Lulaj, Raghuveer K. Halkar

Guests in The Chest: Non-Malignant Lesions Detected on CT Imaging as Part of PET/CT
Yoram Baum, Ephraim Parent, Bruce B Barron

Proposed Checklist for Purchasing High Cost Imaging Devices
Ronak Shah, Raghuveer K. Halkar, James R. Galt, Richard Duszak

Factors influencing Quality of FDG PET/CT Scan in Multiple Myeloma
Sanjana S. Bhat, Mudit Arora, Edward Long, Leon Bernal-Mizrachi, Raghuveer K. Halkar

Influence of Extraction Fraction Corrections on Rb-82 PET/CT Myocardial Blood Flow Measurements
Andrew Van Tosh{1}, Jaison J. Mathew{1}, John R. Votaw{2}, Charles David Cooke{3}, Christopher J. Palestro{4}, Kenneth J. Nichols{4}. {1}St. Francis Hospital, Roslyn, NY; {2}Alpharetta, GA; {3}Emory University Hospital, Atlanta, GA; {4}Northwell Health, New Hyde Park, NY

Expectation Maximization Filtering of First Pass Images
Dacian Viorel Bonta

Bayesian Penalised Likelihood Reconstruction of Fluciclovine (18F) PET for Imaging of Recurrent Prostate Cancer: Semi-Quantitative and Clinical Evaluation
Eugene J. Teoh{1}, Daniel R. McGowan{1}, David M. Schuster{2}, Maria Tsakok{3}, Fergus Gleeson{3}, Kevin M. Bradley{3}. {1}University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom; {2}Emory University, Atlanta, GA; {3}Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford, United Kingdom

Phantom Evaluation of Bone Imaging in a Clinical Nuclear Medicine Environment
Shalmali Dharmadhikari, David Brandon, Jonathon A. Nye, John N. Aarsvold, James R. Galt

Correspondence of Rb-82 PET Stress Regional Myocardial Asynchrony to Stenosed Arterial Territories
Andrew Van Tosh{1}, Jaison J. Mathew{1}, Charles David Cooke{2}, Christopher J. Palestro{3}, Kenneth J. Nichols{3}. {1}St. Francis Hospital, Roslyn, NY; {2}Emory University Hospital, Atlanta, GA; {3}Northwell Health, New Hyde Park, NY

PET/Ultrasound Fusion Targeted Biopsy of the Prostate: Initial Clinical Results
Baowei Fei, Peter T. Nieh, Viraj A. Master, Mehrdad Alemozaffar, Funmilayo Tade, Oladunni Akin-Akintayo, Adeboye Osunkoya, Mark M. Goodman, David M. Schuster

In Vivo Evaluation of Axumin Analogs Syn- and Anti-[123I]IVACBC as Potential SPECT Tumor Imaging Agents
Weiping Yu, Mark M. Goodman ■